National Games next week!

Posted by Michael 'Larry' Forrow

Just a quick notice for all that with the National Games approaching next week the club will be shut for the whole of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday) - Judo will resume the following week (14th). 

With that we would like to take this moment to wish Team Westerleigh all the best up in Sheffield!
The Team consists of: Joshua Smith                             Being supported by: Debbie Sands (Coach)
                                  Thomas Farley                                                           Larry Forrow (Coach)
                                Holly Tadman                                                            Mark Farley (Coach)
                           Liam Duhig                                                                Lorraine Tadman
                        David Wilson                                                             Claire Chappell
                      Anna Wilkinson                                                         Janet Everest
                 Luke Leahy                                                                Tina Owen
                                                                                                           Zara Leahy                                                                 Joy Wilkinson
                                                                                                           James Everest
                                                                                                           Lewis Daragan
                                                                                                           Nicholas Hicks
                                                                                                           Rupert Mitchell
                                                                                                           Sarah Avery
                                                                                                           Lauren Griffiths
                                                    GOOD LUCK TO ALL!! #teamwesterleigh 


Posted by Michael 'Larry' Forrow

We've had a number of competitors taking part in competitions up in Sheffield and over in Holland.

For the Holland Trip we had a number of companies sponsored various areas of the trip of which we would like give a HUGE Thank You to:

247 Transport Solutions; The Hastings Youth Trust; Battle Muffin Club; Hastings Lion Club and The Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust.

These fantastic local charities helped get the players out there and without them, it would of not of happened at the scale it did!

The 'Sports for All' Festival

Posted by Michael 'Larry' Forrow

Just a little heads up for the sessions on 15th April; they will be at Horntye Sports Complex in Hastings!

For this day only the Sessions will be taking place at Horntye

Adults @ 10.00
Gremlins @ 11.30

Afterwards we will be doing an 'Open Mat' session for people to come and try it so if there are any Adults/Older Germlins that would like to help please let Paula/Paul/Larry know

Any questions please get in touch!
See you there!