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In short no, but we will encourage anyone that walks though our doors wanting to compete, and will train and push them as hard as we can!

In short no, but we strongly encourage that you do so in case any sort of incident was to arise

The club operates a 'Pay as you Throw' policy so 99% subs are taken on the day. The only time you will lose your money is if you as an individual have decided to pay in advance and then have not been able to attend.

The only time the club is shut is for unexpected events or lack of Coaches (for whatever reason that my arise). The only time the club is shut in regards to the calendar year is at Christmas where we have the two weeks off.

We have three sessions that run through the week:

Tuesday (Adults): 7.00pm - 8.45pm

Wednesday (Children): 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Saturday (Adults) 9.00am - 10.30am (Children) 10.30am - 11.45am

No we do not - you turn up and then suit up! If you can only make certain sessions (e.g. couple a month) that is absolutely fine! We totally appreciate that people have their own lives and may not always be able to attend but if the Coaches are made aware of this it would be a more ideal outcome.

We operate a 'Pay as you Throw' policy which means there's no need for forward booking and we don't have a Club Membership. The first session is FREE and then afterwards the sessions cost £3 per person.

Yes you can! We offer Gi's (the suits you wear to do judo in) at a rate of £5 for 4 weeks. This is not refundable and will need to be renewed after the 4 weeks. Any damages that are caused to suits will be billed to the individual hiring the Gi.

When starting Judo with any club you have a 6 weeks 'taster' period which allows you to get a feel for the sport, after which you will be required to purchase the appropriate type of Membership that suits you from the BJA. This can be found here: BJA Membership.

We as a club do not offer our own membership and operate on a 'Pay as you Throw' policy.


Yes we do; we are part of iZettle now and will take card payments as well as cash.

When it's time for a Club Grading the Coaches will be more than happy to advise any parent that comes to them about their child's eligibility for the next Grade. Any Special Needs players that want to Grade will be expected to complete a theory exam, the same as Main Stream but in some cases may be slightly altered to allow for their abilities.

Grading costs are as follows:

  • Grade registration fee: Mon - £14; Kyu - £20
  • Transfer fee (Mon - Kyu) - £10
  • Fast Track (additional fee) - £10
  • Juniors under 8 on the Mon scheme - £7.50
  • Sho Grades (up to 8yrs ) - Free, included in the membership fee

**These prices are set by the BJA and are subject to change**

Grading resources can be found in the BJA Grading Resources