Tony Brooks

Club Coach

UKCC Judo Coach Level 1

Coaching Experience

I first started coaching at Westerleigh Judokwai, staying on the mat after the adult sessions to help out with the kid's classes.

I completed my level one coaching qualification in 2015 and have continued to broaden my coaching knowledge taking part in many revalidation events and coaching courses since.

I feel honoured that I am able to play a small part in supporting and coaching players at Westerleigh.

Playing Experience

Since starting Judo In 2007 I have competed, both as a team player and as an individual in a number of club and southern area competitions,  gaining points towards and achieving Dan grade ten years later.

I haven’t fought competitively for a few years now as the competition seems to get younger and faster as I get older and slower, but never say never.

Extra Info

I found Judo later than most, first stepping onto the tatami when my sons started training at Westerleigh Judokwai.

I soon discovered that Judo is many things to different people - an Olympic sport, a hobby, a physical and mental workout and a fun social event that brings people together.

For me, Judo has become a great way to keep fit, meet friends and support others to reach their own Judo goals.

My current grade in Judo is 1st Dan