Debbie Sands

Senior Coach

UKCC Judo Coach Level 3

Coaching Experience

I have coached at National competitions in England, Wales and Scotland.

I have been the Head Coach for Judo at the Special Olympic National Games.

I have also coached Internationally at the Ben van der Eng Memorial numerous times, as well as be appointed Assistant Coach at the Special Olympics European and World Games

 Playing Experience

 I have represented the Club, County, Region and England over the years.

In the time I have trained with many international players.

I have fought in the British open and have won countless amounts of medals.

Extra Info

 I have gained vast experience in being around good quality coaches benefiting from their experience.

Coaching as I have around the world, has opened my eyes over the years to the different levels of quality Additional Need Players and Main Stream players.

I have been doing Judo since the age of 11, and have been with Westerleigh for 24 years.

I have trained with the likes of Simon Jackson, Ben Quilter, Karen Briggs, Peter Inman and Ashley McKenzie, to name a few!

My current grade in Judo is 2nd Dan