Important Announcement No.2

Posted by Michael 'Larry' Forrow

For those that were not present at the club this past Saturday (14/9) the announcement was that we WILL NOT be relocating to Bexhill now!

This is due to two main reasons, the first being complications that had arisen within the last week regarding the new venue. The second being that out current venue will not be knocked down till next Autumn at the earliest, the the Trustees and Coaches have decided to say put and use the time to try and find (ideally) our own place to setup or at least another venue to become our temporary, temporary home!

We do apologies for the mucking about we didn't want to give out any information that wasn't concrete!
As always if there any questions please leave a comment, FB Message us or drop us an email!

Thanks again for the continued support through this turbulent time for the club