02/09/07 - Heart Of England

At the weekend there was the Heart Of England competition held at Birmingham which we had one player enter which was Gavin. Gavin had 2 fights against two National Champions and unfortunately lost both of them and didn't come away with anything, but put up a great fight.

18/07/07 - British Closed SN Championships

Also at the weekend was the British Closed SN Championships were we had 7 members enter the competition.

Jacob Corke when up and came back with a 4th bronze, Josh Arnold when up and competed in his first competition and came back with a 3rd bronze.

David Wilson also when up to it and also competed in his first competition bringing back a silver along with James Everest.

Liam Duhig when up and came back with a gold medal along with Daniel Baxter and Oliver Everest.

15/07/07 - South Coast Open

We only had one player enter in to this competition, which was Hayley.

She had 3 fights lost 2 and won 1, but sadly didn't receive a medal.

01/07/07 - Hampshire Open

We only had two competitors enter this competition which were Kirstie and Hayley.

Kirstie's weight group was combined with the overs, she had 3 fights, lost 2 and won 1. One of the fights she lost was to a women weighing at 120kg. In the end she got silver and 10 points towards her 2nd Dan.

Hayley had 3 fights as well, won 2 and lost 1 with both of the winning fights over within 10 seconds and receiving a bronze medal.