22/02/15 - Kyu and Dan Competition

On Sunday was the Kyu and Dan competition held at Worthing where we had 7 players enter which were; James, Tom, Matt, Keith, Larry, Mark and Tony.

Matt and Keith were first up to fight and were at their first competition as well.
They had a pool of 5 but unfortunately also had to fight each other.

Matt had 4 fights, won 2 lost 2, but came away with silver.
Keith had 4 fights as well, won 1 lost 3, but came away with bronze.

James had planned 4 fights, but unfortunately got injured in his first fight and had to withdraw.

Tom had 4 fights, lost all of them but fought really well considering he had entered into a mainstream competition - came away with a bronze for his efforts.

Larry had 4 fights, won 1 lost 3 but came away with bronze.

Mark had 2 fights, lost them both and because he was put in a 'knock out' group he didn't come away with anything.

Tony had 4 fights, won 2 lost but came away with bronze.