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The article that has been sent to Hastings Observer for publishing:

On the week beginning 7th – 12th August Special Olympics held their National Summer Games in host town Sheffield. The National Games is a week along event where all the Special Olympic Regions come together to compete in their respective sports, which will then give the medal placers a chance to fight at the World Games in 2019 in Abu Dhabi
The team that we took up with of us consisted of (L-R – Back Row) David Wilson – Silver; Sarah Avery – Silver; Zara Leahy – Silver; Liam Duhig – Silver; Nick Hicks – Gold; Tom Farley – Gold; James Everest – Gold. (L-R – Middle Row) Lauren Griffiths – Silver; Josh Smith – Gold; Anna Wilkinson – Gold. (L-R – Front Row) Rupert Mitchell – Bronze; Luke Leahy – Bronze; Holly Tadman – Bronze & Lewis Dargan – Bronze. We came back with 5 Golds, 5 Silvers and 4 Bronzes.
The team was supported by Coaches (L-R in Red) Debbie Sands, Michael ‘Larry’ Forrow and Mark Farley along with carers Janet Everest, Joy Wilkinson, Lorraine Tadman, Claire Chappell and Tina Owen

‘It was an amazing and at times very emotional week! When the guys and girls went to fight on the Wednesday by the end of it there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere! We had players taking part in their first National Games, players winning their first ever fights and some coming away with their first medals! You just can’t beat that feeling, the beaming pride you have for all the athletes taking part and doing what they love!’ – Michael Forrow

Thank you again to Blitz Sport for sponsoring all of our kit!

On Sunday was the Kyu and Dan competition held at Worthing where we had 7 players enter which were; James, Tom, Matt, Keith, Larry, Mark and Tony.

Matt and Keith were first up to fight and were at their first competition as well.
They had a pool of 5 but unfortunately also had to fight each other.

Matt had 4 fights, won 2 lost 2, but came away with silver.
Keith had 4 fights as well, won 1 lost 3, but came away with bronze.

James had planned 4 fights, but unfortunately got injured in his first fight and had to withdraw.

Tom had 4 fights, lost all of them but fought really well considering he had entered into a mainstream competition - came away with a bronze for his efforts.

Larry had 4 fights, won 1 lost 3 but came away with bronze.

Mark had 2 fights, lost them both and because he was put in a 'knock out' group he didn't come away with anything.

Tony had 4 fights, won 2 lost but came away with bronze.

On Sunday was the Hampshire Open and Special Needs Competition where we had 4 players enter which were, Tom, Harry, James & David.

Harry was placed in two groups, had 4 fights and got gold.

Tom had 2 fights, one in ne-waza and one in tachi-waza; Tom lost the ne-waza fight but won the tachi-waza fight and came away with silver.

David had 3 fights, one them all with hold downs and came away with gold.

James had 2 fights, sadly lost them both but came away with bronze.

On Sunday was the Class Masters Christmas Event held at Tonbridge where we had 9 players enter who were, Daisy, Charlotte, Reuben, Rosie, Thomas, Charlie (Keen), Charlie (Burt), Billy, and Bradley.

Daisy had 3 fights, won one but lost two, came away with bronze.

Charlotte had 3 fights at her first competition, sadly lost them all but came away with bronze and a Spirit of Judo.

Reuben 4 fights, lost his first, but won his next three to come away with silver.

Rosie had 5 fights, lost them all apart from her last fight but came away with bronze.

Thomas had 3 fights, lost his first, but won his next two and came away with silver and a Spirit of Judo.

Charlie had 4 fights, sadly lost them all but came away with bronze and a Spirit of Judo.

Charlie had 4 fights, won two and lost two, came away with bronze.

Billy had 3 fights lost two, and won his last and came away with bronze and a Spirit of Judo.

Bradley had 2 fights, won his first and lost his second and came away with silver.

On Sunday was the 4th Westerleigh Judokwai Inter-club Friendly Regional Judo Event were we had many people from the club attend, but this time we also had players from Wales and the Midlands attend. A good day was had by all and look forward to our next competition!

Below is the list of pools and results from all the fights at Sunday's competition.

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