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On Saturday Molly, Greg, Casey, Sigourney, Fenella, Georgina, Sam, Jacob, Thomas, Oliver, Andrew, Aaron, Holly, Martin, Harry, James, Ollie and Larry all took part in the Gun Run up on the Oval for the second year running.

We had 4 teams enter it, a 7 - 10 yrs group, 11 - 14 yrs group, 15 - 18 yrs group and a mixed group.

First up was the 7 - 10 group which had Molly, Greg, Casey, Sigourney, Fenella And Georgina in it. They all did well considering they never had a practice run so the first run was really a case of seeing what they had to do which was a bit of a shame, but with the other races they had, even thought they lost them they showed good team work and we're all ways working together to get to the end of the course. In the end they came 4th out of 4.

Next up was the mixed group which had Aaron, Holly, Andrew, Martin, Greg and Harry in it. Again these guys did very well, and showed total cooperation through all there races and because of that they managed to get a faster time then the other, only, team that showed up they came away with 1st place out of 2.

Next up was the 11 - 14 group which had Sam, Jacob, Thomas, Oliver, Aaron and Holly in it. This team had a slight disadvantage because 3 members of the team where new to the gun run and didn't quite know what they where doing for the first race, but after that race they showed that they knew what they where doing, by being quicker then one of the other teams, and even though they didn't win any races they managed to bag 4th out of 5 because they were quirkier then another team.

Last up was the 15 - 18 group which had Larry, Ollie and James in it, but because it didn't have the same amount of players as the other teams we quickly recruited Aaron in to the ranks and some outsiders to lend a hand. They all preformed very well, working as a team, even after one of the team members got injured briefly during the first race, which we one. We had one more race which was against the Police Cadets which beat this team last year for 1st place. Sadly though we didn't manage it this time around nether and came last 3rd out of 3.

At the weekend there was the Grading at Worthing. which Larry, Mark, Hayley, Tony, Gavin and James all entered in to.

Mark and Larry were the first two to be called up. Mark had 3 fights sadly lost them all, but put up a very good fight against them all and also had to fight someone that was 112kg, but he did get top green which was good. Larry had 2 fights and won them both, one with an ippon and the other with a strangle, resulting in him getting his brown belt.

Next up was Tony and Hayley which for Tony was his first try in a competitive environment, and for a first try it was a really good one. He had 2 fights lost 1 and won 1 with an ippon resulting in him getting top orange. Hayley went to change over to an adult license as well as going for her brown belt. Unfortunately there was only one other girl there for her to fight and because of this they had to do a randori style fight which she did very well against her opponent, pulling off some good techniques which resulted in her winning the fight and earning her 4th Kyu.

Last up to fight was Gavin and James and they were both trying for there black belts. Gavin had 3 fights won his first, drew his second and won his third which earn him a lineup. For the lineup Gavin needed to beat 3 opponents one after the other to earn his black belt and he did exactly that, beating each one of them to get his black belt. James had 3 fights lost the first and won the second and third fight. He won third fight with an ippon, unfortunately he won the second with a waza-ari, which wasn't a bad thing but it meant that he wouldn't be able to get a lineup. In the end he came away with 17 points towards his black belt.

At the weekend there was the Heart Of England competition held at Birmingham which we had one player enter which was Gavin. Gavin had 2 fights against two National Champions and unfortunately lost both of them and didn't come away with anything, but put up a great fight.

Also at the weekend was the British Closed SN Championships were we had 7 members enter the competition.

Jacob Corke when up and came back with a 4th bronze, Josh Arnold when up and competed in his first competition and came back with a 3rd bronze.

David Wilson also when up to it and also competed in his first competition bringing back a silver along with James Everest.

Liam Duhig when up and came back with a gold medal along with Daniel Baxter and Oliver Everest.

We only had one player enter in to this competition, which was Hayley.

She had 3 fights lost 2 and won 1, but sadly didn't receive a medal.

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