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The host country for the 2009 International Special Needs and Disabled Judo Championships, was Wales with the host city being Cardiff. The Championships was held at the Welsh institute of sporting excellence, in Sophia Gardens Cardiff on Saturday 31 October 2009.

After some very hard fought matches, against both heavier and higher judo graded athletes, Liam Duhig won a BRONZE medal. Liam Duhig was at 56kgs the lightest athlete in his pool, with Nicholas Schafer of Germany being the heaviest having weighed in at 77kgs.

The following Nations entered Judo Athletes in to these championships:- England, Scotland, Wales, United States of America, Holland, Hungary, Germany and Brazil.

Terry Duhig

On the 31st of July was the Special Olympics which was held for the first time in 20 years Leicester. We had twelve members attend this competition which were Greg, Holly, Thomas (Search), Jacob, Thomas (Farley), Peter, Daniel, Alex (Reich), Oliver, James, Liam and Emma.

Greg had 3 fights, won one and lost one and came away with silver.

Holly also had 3 fights, won them all and came away with gold.

Thomas (Search) had 3 fights as well, but sadly lost them all coming away with a bronze.

Daniel was put in to 2 groups for this fights. In his first group he had 3 fights, won them all and came away with gold for that group. In his second group he had 4 fights, lost one but won the rest and came away with a silver for that group.

Alex had only one fight and with this being his first competition as well won his fight and got gold.

Oliver, Liam and James were put all in the same group along with one other person and they all had to fight each other.

Oliver won all his fights and came away with gold.

Liam sadly lost all his fights but came away with forth bronze.

James won two of his fight and lost one resulting him coming away with a silver.

Afterwards was the team events.

Group 1: 3rd Bronze

1st East Midland, 2nd Scotland West 'B', 3rd South East 'A' - Oliver, Daniel and Alex, 4th South West.

Group 2: Gold
1st South East 'B' - Emma, Holly, Peter, 2nd Wales, 3rd Northern 'A', 4th Lothian 'A'.

Group 3: Gold
1st South East 'C' - James, Liam, Thomas (Search), 2nd Scotland West 'A', 3rd Northern 'B'.

Group 4: Silver
1st Lothian 'B', 2nd South East 'D' Jacob, Gregory, Thomas (Farley), 3rd Northern 'C'.

On Saturday was the High Wycombe Grading which was held at High Wycombe. We had three members attend this competition which were Hayley, Kirstie and Larry.

Hayley had 6 fights, she won her first fight, sadly lost the second but then went on to win the third fight and a result of that she earned 20 points towards her dan grade and because she had won those two fights with ippon she got a line up. She won the first fight but then unfortunately lost the second fight; granting her another 10 points but also leaving her with another 10 points needed to get a dan grade. The last fight her came from fighting her sister Kirstie.

Kirstie had 4 fights, but there was a small issue with her group as there was only one other dan grade. Kirstie went on to fight the dan grade and beat her granting her 10 points towards her 2nd dan grade. As there was only one other dan grade she then got a line up of 1st kyu's so she then got the chance to earn 1/2 points. The line up consisted of 3 opponents including her sister Hayley. Kirstie won her first fight resulting in her earning 5 points, but then got Hayley in her next fight. Hayley went on to fight Kirstie and beat her and earned the 10 points she needed for her black belt. Kirstie had a third and final fight which she won resulting in another 5 points won and in total 20 points earned by her.

Hayley then on the same day went on to do the theory side of her dan grade, passed that and is a fully fledged Black Belt.

Larry had 8-9 Fights (he lost count), he lost the first fight, but went on to win the second fight as a result of a forfeit from his opponent and because he hadn't made a score he was not rewarded any points for that fight towards his dan grade. His third fight he lost but then went on to win his forth fight against someone twice his size. He scored a waza-ari against this opponent and he also was injured and pulled out resulting in Larry not being able to make it an ippon score. After that fight Larry was used in a number of line ups but sadly didn't win anymore fights but was happy to come away with at least 7 points towards his dan grade.

On Sunday was the Kent International which was held at Crystal Palace. We had one members attend this competition which was Hayley.

Hayley had 3 fights, won the first with a strangle, then lost her next two fights, but fought well and came back with 10 points towards her black belt.

On Sunday was the South Of England which was held at K2, Crawley. We had one members attend this competition which was Hayley.

Hayley had 1 fights, sadly lost the fights and she came back with a silver.

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